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Welcome to DVP!

As most of you may notice at first, I am no longer on Geocities. And for a good reason, the damn site deleted almost all of DVP over night and thus forcing me to move DVP back to it's original home on Tripod!

So, here we are back where it all started and boy am i happy... the site hasn't looked this good in some time and i hope to keep it this way for a while!


~*New Stuff*~

5/24/07- Added a graveyard.
5/27/07- Added a new blog & a Story.



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This place is ment for all tamagotchi lovers in the world, and for those who have helped me out recently or in the past...
"Thank You^-^"
Without your help DVP would never have been online as long as it has been.

DVP is (C) Doug Green 97-07