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My Blog

Welcome to my blog, this is where i'll post about my tama's and what is happening to DVP.

May 24, 2007:

Today has been a busy day for me, i got up around 9:30 am and took a bath, followed by having a smoke and checking up on Webster and Frankenstein (my P1 and P2 tama's) then started work here. So far i've got the home page, links and a few other minor things finished but still have a way to go on DVP. I'm hopping to have it done asap but i doubt it since I start my summer semester at Ivy Tech next week but i will try my hardest to get this site up and ready for everyone to see.


Well, i have a new joy to care for! I decided to start C3 yesterday so now i have 3 count them 3 tamagotchi's going! Right now they are:

Webster: 8yrs old, full and happy.
Frankenstien: 3yrs old, 1/2 discipline, full and happy.
C3: 2yrs old, 3/4 discipline, full and happy.

As for my site not alot has gone on today. I'm working on a new part of DVP but that will be up at a later time though. I hope to have most of DVP done this weekend.


Today has gone by pretty slow and thats how i like it to be. This morning right after getting up little C3 changed into a Tamatchi and Frankenstein got a discipline bringing him up to 75% and thats where he will stay. I'm trying to get a Ginjirotchi on him so this is one of my methods, i'm also trying to make C3 change into the same character but by a different way... i'll post if the way worked out or not though.

As for DVP, right now i'm working on getting some fo the information i had before geocities deleted my site so i'm asking most of the community to help me with this (mainly because most of the community has been to my site more than once^-^). Right now though i'm trying to finish one of my stories to add to it's own section, this way the page won't seem like wasted space.

As for my other tama though, webster is 11 today and is doing really well. He has gained a couple pounds but who cares right? He sin't needy at all and i want him to stay for a good while.


Well, it's been a long week for me with trying to find a job and caring for my tama's. To start 3 of my tama's died last week, Webster died on Tuesday for no reason at all, followed by C3 on wensday and Frankenstein died on Thursday. All of them were in there teen ages (around 10 - 15) and i miss them alot. The only good thing is after that both me and my pal mike decided to start up a V4 connection. His is a boy named Butch and mine is a girl named Chiro which (after alot of pausing) should finally change into a teen sometime today.

Besides that i've done a little here and there on DVP and Tamagotchi Hospital. I added some more tips on how to get the character you want on the V4. I hope to add more before the week ends.

DVP is (C) Doug Green 97-07