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Tips and Tricks
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Tips and Tricks

Over the years of caring for Tamagotchi's i've found different ways to get the character you want. Here i'll share these tips with you.

please note that the tips i have are almost identical to Tamagotchi Planet's tips. Probably cause this is how i figured out how to get them so a BIG thanks to Kat^-^

Mametchi/Mimitchi - I believe it is fairly easy to get Mametchi/Mimitchi, whom is the best character you can get, care taking wise. First you must get Tamatchi/Tongaritchi (the character with legs). Than by age 6 or 7 yrs he will change. This period with Tamatchi/Tongaritchi is the most important, I believe, to getting Mametchi/Mimitchi. You will have Tamatchi from about age 3 or 4, to age 6 or 7, depending on when you hatched it. Either way it will remain in this stage for a total of 72 hours. During this time check on him about every 15-30 minutes. He will drop about one heart in this period of time. As soon as he does drop 1 empty heart, fill it right away. Don't let him drop below one empty heart, or your chances of getting Mametchi/Mimitchi is at risk.

Best thing to do is either really keep an eye on the attention icon, or always keep the sound on. He will beep at you for attention and for no reason. He will have dropped one heart, and need discipline. You can't play or feed him meals. So discipline him then take care of him. Discipline him every time he calls for it. This will be a total of 2 times after he has legs. If you disciplined him all the way in the Marutchi/Tonmarutchi stage, the discipline will start off as 50% in this stage. After the finale time you discipline him he will get sick soon after. Also him getting sick tells you that he will change within the next 30 hours. Usually the very next day after being sick. Overall, you need to take as perfect care as possible to get Mametchi/Mimitchi. If you slip and miss a discipline, let the hearts drop below one empty one too many times, or let him sleep with poop next to his bed, you will very likely get the next character down, Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi.

Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi - In my opinion, this is one of the hardest characters to get. He is the middle character of the healthy characters. Again to get this character you must first take good care of Marutchi/Tonmarutchi and get the character with legs, Tamatchi/Tongaritchi. Next thing to do is follow almost all of the above for Mametchi/Mimitchi. The differences here are simple. Let the hearts drop only TWO TIMES to 2 empty on both hunger and happiness. After those two times, take perfect care as if you were going for Mametchi/Mimitchi. Next is discipline. Only discipline 75%. On the last time it asks to be disciplined, ignore him. The attention icon will be unlit in about 5 mins. At that time check your Tama to make sure he doesn't need any thing.

This has always worked for me, but there is one other way that has worked. It happened when he had not called for his last discipline and I accidentally let the hearts drop down empty too many times. If you let the hearts empty down 2 more than 2 times, and you can still discipline, discipline him all the way 100%. Than after that continue to let the hearts drop every now and again to 2 empty. But mostly only let it drop to one empty. When I say one I mean one empty in both hunger and happiness, not just one total. Don't let him sleep with a poop next to his bed and it should turn out okay. Mind you this is very difficult character, at least for me, to get. But the first method has always worked. The only reason I muck it up is because of my job ;).

Masukutchi (aka, Masktchi)/Zukitchi - This is what I tend to call the average caretakers pet. Masukutchi/Zukitchi is very easy to get. Simply you must take average care of him. Again you have to get the Tamatchi/Tongaritchi first to get this guy. Once there, if you disciplined as you should have when he was only Marutchi/Tonmarutchi. Than he should already be at 50% discipline. There is no need to discipline anymore. Let it remain at 50% discipline in this stage, ignoring his 2 calls for discipline. During this time taking perfect care is not needed. Let the hearts drop to at least two empty on both hunger and happiness. And if you even prefer, always let him beep at you for attention. As long as you take care of him when he beeps it will be no problem at all to get this character. Allot of ppl I know do not really like these two guys, but they have one special thing that no other Tama character has. They both turn into the secret character. I will explain how to get the secret character at the bottom of this list.

Kutchipatchi/Hashizotchi - This is the best of the unhealthy characters you can get. First thing you need to do is discipline the Marutchi/Tonmarutchi to 50% or 75% only. Other then that always treat TonMarutchi/Marutchi really badly. When he finally changes you should get the beaked character, Kuchitamatchi/Hashitamatchi, instead of the character with legs, first. He will still remain 50% disciplined at this stage. After that it will only be another 48-52 hours before he changes to his finale adult form. After you get the beak it is quite simple to get this guy. Do like you would to get Mametchi/Mimitchi. Discipline all the way and take perfect or near perfect care. Mind you, its hard, for me, to get the beaked character. It takes allot of neglect to get it, but when you do, you can get this guy easily.

Now if you don’t get the beaked character, it doesn’t really mean you can't get an unhealthy character. Its just harder. To get this guy and you got the young adult with legs instead of the beak, you have to take really horrible care, but not too horrible. Its really hard and rather you’ll get him is hard to determine from that stage. I personally have not got this character from the legged character, I always neglect too much. When I do find the right method to getting him from the Tamatchi/Tongaritchi, I will post it here. I advise just getting the beaked character first. It works better that way! ;)

Nyorotchi/Takotchi - This guy, being the middle unhealthy character, is one of the more difficult characters to get, for me. Kinda like Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi. The method is similar too. First get the beaked character instead of the Tamatchi/Tongaritchi. From here it is about the same method. Get discipline to 50% or 75%, let the hearts only drop a couple of times to two empty, like for Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi. Again it is possible to get unhealthy characters without getting the beak, Kutchitamatchi/Hashitamatchi first. But I, at this point, have not got this down to an exact science yet.. ;)

Tarakotchi/Kusatchi - This is the most unhealthy character you can get on Tamagotchi. In a way it is easy to get this guy, in another way it is not. If your like you, you don’t like taking bad care, its hard to get. Much neglect is needed to get these guys. Get the beaked character, on this one too. Don't discipline at all, no need. Don’t worry about taking very good care at all in fact. Neglect is a must. Just make sure you give him his medication when he gets sick, that’s about the only thing you should do. Otherwise, let him always beep at you before you care for him. Don’t clean up after him right away. Doesn't matter if he sleeps with poop next to his bed. That might be a key element to getting this guy even. Basically you have to be terribly cruel to get this guy. Its sad too, because I think Tarakotchi is very sweet, one of my faves. And of course if you don’t get the beak, but one with legs in his young age. Just care for him, and neglect him as you would to get this character.

Secret Characters - Gaijintchi or "Bill"/Zachi - You can only get these guys if you first have Masukutchi on Gen1/P1 Tamagotchi, or Zukitchi on Gen2/P1 Tamagotchi. From there the best method to take is take perfect care, like you would a Mametchi or Mimitchi. Don’t let the hearts drop below one, if possible. Always discipline when he calls for it. Make sure he doesn’t go to bed with his mess next to him or anything either. Just take your basic perfect care of him. He will ask for discipline until he is 100%, then he will eventually get sick. The sickness is the clue to changing time. Depending on when he gets sick, it is my experience, that you should expect him to change before he goes to bed, or when he wakes up the next day. He can change as early as age 9, or as late as age 12. It depends on factors of when you hatched him and if you have paused him at all. Most of the time he will be changed around age 10. If Masukutchi/Zukitchi has not changed by age 12, it is very likely he wont change. But I could be wrong. ;)

Tamagotchi Connection V4 Tips

Over the past few months of caring for my V4 i've noticed a few things about this new tamagotchi. The following tips are for getting the character you want on the V4 Connection!

My theory of getting the character you want is based on 4 major areas... Care, Discipline, Gender and Skill Points. For example let take how i got my first character who happened to be a Mimitchi!

To start you tama has to be a girl to get a mimitchi, don't ask why it just is! It doesn't matter what child you get but as soon as you do get a child make sure to take great care of it and get the intelligence skill points higher than the rest.

If done right you should get a Young Mimitchi as your teen (and if you did your on the right track). Keep getting the intel points up as high as you can get and when it turns into an adult you should get a Mimitchi.


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